‘The Curve’ models were built as part of a larger design project by our parent company Scruffy Dog Creative Group. The model represents a conceptual island tourism destination bringing the most exciting environments on Earth together in one vertical destination. Imagine scuba diving beneath the oceans surface, zip wiring through the jungle, abseiling down sheer rock faces, and dining amongst the clouds all in one holiday!



Two models were made for this project, utilising visuals and 3D models created by Scruffy Dog’s concept design and masterplanning teams as a starting point. Our technical designers then transformed these files into production drawings for use by our makers, and CAD files for use in CNC machining.

The first model made detailed The Curve in the wider context of the Island where forests and rivers were plotted according to the terrain of the actual destination and surrounded by a ocean of resin.

The second model was far more detailed, focusing on the structure itself. Two vertical ‘curves’ representating the living quarters and additional guest facilities were constructed from steel extrusions and light boxes. Between the curves the environments; beach, jungle, canyon, glacier, sky, and space were created using a variety of forming techniques. 

The result was an awe-inspiring scale model with striking visual finish and lighting effects. The models were shipped to the Middle East where they were presented alongside panels detailing the conceptual project.