Burger King

The Burger King Drive Through Model

World-renowned fast-food chain Burger King approached the M.A.D Models team to design a 1:20 scale model showcasing their new drive-through concept, which streamlines the customer experience, reduces wait times, and manages traffic by implementing a dedicated waiting area for preorders. The model was displayed at the Burger King convention in Paris and will then be taken to the Switzerland office for the employees to admire.

After consulting with the client, the team got to work using the provided 3D Sketchup file of the design, adjusting it to fit the materials and processes used to manufacture the model.

This included a CNC milled base as well as laser cutting acrylic elements which came together to create the building. The wooden panels on the side of the building were engraved on the laser and then hand painted with varying mixtures of wood stain.The model features a designated waiting area for preorders and incorporated a palette of vibrant colours was achieved by spray painting vinyl cut stencils and a speckle technique of a few assorted colours for the tarmac.

Several of the 3D printed elements, such as the miniature cars which navigate the drive-through lanes, emphasise the operational efficiency of the design. They carry a magnet that activates the lights in the ‘pre ordered’ parking area, working cohesively with tiny street lamps that illuminate the model, providing a visual spectacle. The result is a practical yet visually striking model highlighting the innovation behind the new drive-through concept.