A Waterpark Building Model

‘The Waterfront’ model was developed to visualise a mixed-use development covering approximately 12Ha at a location in the Middle East. The project focused on transforming the idyllic coastline into a one of a kind, upper class destination appealing to a global tourist market featuring: Yacht Club, Water Sports Centre, Mall, Aquarium, RD&E, Indoor/Outdoor Themed Entertainment and a world-first roller coaster. 

This model was developed as part of a wider project undertaken by Scruffy Dog Creative Group who developed a comprehensive masterplan for project, producing a 3D massing model, renders and other digital output as part of the process.

Using the digital media created by the creatives at Scruffy Dog Creative Group as a base our Mad Modellers set to work. The base, building structure, and several other components were routed out by our in-house 7-axis CNC machine. Our clear-cast resin process was then used to produce the vast expanse of ocean which surrounds the development. 3D printing, woodworking and manual forming processes were used to create the various other features of the model. Each component was then finished to the highest standard by our scenic finishing team.