Emerald Park


Emerald Park, a renowned theme park and zoo in Ireland, partnered with M.A.D Models for a unique project—to create a scale model of their upcoming 6.5-acre expansion, Tír na nÓg. The goal was to showcase the planned attractions, including two intertwining steel rollercoasters, concessions outlets, and additional rides.

Emerald Park provided M.A.D Models with a 3D file of the desired layout and structure, created in Sketchup. The team closely collaborated with the client to understand their specific requirements and expectations. They converted the 3D meshes into a suitable format, repairing imperfections and optimizing the files for further refinement.

The team then added realistic brick and roof tile textures to the structures, aligning them with the client’s specifications. These refined components were prepared for 3D printing. The landscape design of  Tír na nÓg was meticulously crafted using powerful 3D modeling software, Maya. The MM team carefully sculpted the land to replicate the desired topography and features, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail. The finalised landscape design was machined in tooling board using CNC technology, allowing for seamless fitting of all components.

While most elements were digitally rendered, the rollercoaster tracks required manual craftsmanship. The M.A.D Modellers meticulously formed the tracks using wire, replicating the intricacies of the steel rollercoasters. The tracks were then painted and then grass and trees were added to the landscaped areas for added realism.

The fully assembled scale model of Tír na nÓg was transported and installed by M.A.D Models’ professional team within Emerald Park’s admissions building. Enclosed in an acrylic casing, the model became a permanent exhibition, providing guests with a glimpse into the exciting expansion of Emerald Park.