Leaf District

The Leaf District

‘The Leaf District’ is a new city development for a country in Eastern Asia with a footprint of roughly 20ha. This massive urban complex, surrounded by residential buildings includes exclusive resorts, a boutique hotel, fashion mall, interactive retail experiences, indoor and outdoor gardens, food and beverage areas, all combined with thrill rides and immersive attractions and experiences.

This model was developed as part of a wider project undertaken by Scruffy Dog Creative Group who developed a comprehensive masterplan for project, producing a 3D massing model, renders and other digital output as part of the process.

Using the digital media created by the creatives at Scruffy Dog Creative Group as a base our Mad Modellers set to work. The base and buildings were CNC machined by our robotics team while our traditional model makers worked on creating the iconic leaf structure at the centre of the district. 3D printing, woodworking and manual forming processes were used to create the various other features of the model which were then finised to the highest standard by our scenic finishing team.