EA FC Pro Finals Trophy

An EA FC Pro Finals Trophy

Following the success of our fabrication of the EA Trophies in 2023, M.A.D Models had the pleasure of being approached by the world-renowned game developers once again to design and manufacture a pair of trophies for the EA FC Pro Open. We produced two trophies: a 500mm option for the winner to take home, and a larger, 600mm award for EA to present every year at the finals. The trophy was designed by one of our talented technical designers using EA FC’s brand guidelines to ensure the authenticity of the final product.

The client was provided with a selection of designs to choose from. Once a direction was decided upon and the production plan finalised, the CAD team began drawing up the 3D designs to ensure that all pieces fit together.

Working with 3D printing technology, the trophy was manufactured in five parts using powder-based, glass-filled nylon. Further components were laser cut and etched in acrylic and Rowmark. Our model makers then assembled the pieces and applied a black gloss topcoat before applying letter stencils spelling ‘FC PRO’. A matt topcoat was then applied providing a beautiful, glossy text. As a final touch, etched Rowmark lettering was affixed to the top and a laser-cut piece wrapped around the base of the trophy to be engraved with the name of the winner after the event.

Travel crates were manufactured with custom foam inserts to ensure safe travel to and from the event. Now the event has finished, the trophies have arrived back at our facility to have the winner’s name engraved using our state-of-the-art TROTEC laser cutter. We at M.A.D Models are looking forward to seeing the trophy again next year and are excited to continue our partnership with EA.

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