Our M.A.D modellers were approached by world-famous car manufacturer, Porsche to produce a key component of the sustainability exhibit in their refreshed Centre in Piccadilly, London. The exhibition was designed to explore the ecologically-minded ambitions of the brand and required a 1.7m kinetic wind turbine model, complete with motorised blades.

Our work included working with the STL file provided by the client and redesigning it for fabrication in Rhino, before bringing the model wind turbine to life. We worked with fibreglass, a welding steel frame on the inside to hold the turbine in place, 3D-printed blades, and an MDF base. The final product turns at 20rpm, with adjustable speed, features an easy access control panel, and was finished with a matt RAL6025 spray paint to the exact colour specifications of the client. The turbine is currently on display in Mayfair, London.